Houseguests: Staycation Day #4

Today, you, my blog audience, are becoming my virtual house guests. Even though Danimal + I are normally the people getting on planes to see family + friends, we LOVE hosting people in Atlanta. It is my not-so-secret wish to host a family holiday. Clearly I’m a masochist. On the final day of the Staycation series, I am giving you a glimpse of your weekend with us.

Krog Bar: Wine + Cheese, Please!

Depending on your arrival time at the airport (where you should always get on the furthest train to left to be first up the escalator), we would have either picked you up there or had you ride MARTA to my office. Regardless we would be at Krog Bar or Sister Louisa’s (aka Church) for a ‘welcome cocktail’. Seriously, Church is ALL the rage. Lady Gaga, Ben Stiller, + Vince Vaughn are fans. Told you it was cool.

Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room + Ping-Pong Emporium

Saturday morning we would walk through the neighborhood and head over to Parish (downstairs) for breakfast before we shop at the local stores and boutiques along N. Highland. (Some of my personal favorites being Nandina and Lila.) From there we would do a casual late lunch at the Wrecking Bar. The Wrecking Bar is the new and fabulous local brew pub, and this is coming from a non-beer drinker.

Improv comedy literally one block away

The big decision of the day… performance at Horizon Theatre or comedy show at Dad’s Garage? See, you already have a reason to come visit again. You need to experience both… and Variety Playhouse. And, many of the city’s best restaurants are located in the neighborhood as well. If we were going more casual I would pick Fritti, but for a more serious dinner I can’t pick just one. It would definitely be one of these though:
  1. Wisteria
  2. Sotto Sotto
  3. Rathbun’s
  4. Rathbun’s Steak


Grown-up Icee: Dreams do come true!

After the show ends we head off to Victory Sandwich for a jack and coke slushee. You heard me right. Jack and Coke slushee. You’re welcome.
Really, I’m embarrassed at all of things in Inman Park you haven’t experienced yet. Maybe you can come back again. I mean, you haven’t even been to L5P yet.
Photo credits: Creative Loving, CBS Atlanta, Sister Louisa’s

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