What? No GameDay?

Is it just me or did this morning feel odd? No Herbie or Dez. My whole Saturday was a bit off. I guess you could say I have a bit of a college football hangover.  What was really great though was being in Anniston, Alabama the morning after the Crimson Tide claimed their third title in four years and the state brought it home for the fourth year in a row. I don’t care who you cheer for, that is impressive.

Four more years...

Four more years…

The last time I was in Anniston was the week leading up to the SEC Championship (aka the actual national championship).  These folks were amped. This trip they were in a state of delirious relief. It is similar to Thanksgiving. In the weeks before, you fantasize about the meal to the point of sheer giddiness. Whereas the afternoon of, over consumption has led you to a state of exhausted relief. To celebrate we went to see my favorite ladies at the DeSoto Pastime Center where they gave samples of the peanut butter chocolate cake for the next day.  Y’all know I love free samples. The celebration continued the following day at Brad’s BBQ. Has there ever been a celebration in the South that doesn’t involve BBQ? Not to mention the fact you just have to say ‘okra’ is the side. Everyone already knows that it is fried.

I declare this the best restaurant slogan ever.

I declare this the best restaurant slogan ever.

And, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that part of my celebrating was because my Ags and Johnny Football were the only team to beat the Crimson Tide this season. Gig em, Ags.


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