¡Viva NashVegas!

What do you call a weekend filled with snow, speakeasys, girlfriends and frozen strawberry salad? I call it Nashville. The relaxed class of this city makes it easy to want to return time and time again. And I swear my unhealthy obsession with ABC’s hit show Nashville had nothing to do with my excitement for this trip. Nothing.

Waking up to Winter

Waking up to Winter

The Bluebird Café is prominently featured in the show, but I fell in love with the Bluebird when I first moved to Atlanta. At midnight on CMT they would show previously recorded performances – it showcases  songwriters better than any other venue I’ve experienced. The best part… it is in a nondescript strip mall. Only in Nashville.

You could drive right by and miss it.

You could drive right by and miss it.

I headed to Nashville to visit one of my very first friends in Atlanta, Erica, who has since moved with her family there. Erica has an almost three-year old and a three-month old and STILL knows all the cool places to go. Moms are hip y’all. She made reservations at Midtown Café. (The trout was insane.) From there went to a secret bar – the Patterson House. I have quite the crush on this place. No sign outside, just a velvet rope to let you know there is something behind the doors worth waiting for.

Rocket Fuel with an Orange Twist

Rocket Fuel with an Orange Twist

After nearly drowning in bow ties and tweed jackets, we made it behind the curtain. What awaited us was hand crafted cocktails, mixologists in speak easy apparel, and walls lined with book shelves – my nerdiest fantasies were coming true. And the second drink I ordered was possibly straight rocket fuel. This place doesn’t fool around. And neither does Nashville, you really should visit.


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  1. Cynthia

    I watch Nashville, too!

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