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Going Mainstream in Maui

The lack of regular travel for the first half of 2012 for me has been troubling. I’m itching to explore… thankfully, next weekend wedding travel season begins! Many of the trips this year will be to celebrate friends making it legal. And,  we are going to be heading to some cool destinations to witness these nuptials. In honor of wedding season, I’m featuring one of the most popular honeymoon destinations for U.S. travelers – Hawaii, specifically Maui. I fought Hawaii for years. It just seemed too mainstream… I mean if other, regular people liked it, would I? Then, I was convinced I should give it a shot. As it turns out, everyone was right – Hawaii is incredible.

It looks this perfect all.the.time.

From the gorgeous beaches to the sharp cliffs to the lush mountains to the volcanic formations, there is something for everyone. Now the rumors are true that the island is expensive, but you pay for what you get… especially food. Restaurant highlights include Mala Ocean Tavern (order the tuna), Sansei Seafood + Sushi (we went twice) and the unmatched, Mama’s Fish House.  Do not leave the island without going to Mama’s. And, if you like tuna at all, find a way to have it once a meal.

Cocktails @ Mama’s

Part of the reason I had hesitated to head to Hawaii is that I’m not really a beach gal. There is so much more to Hawaii than beaches. During our time there we snuba dived, hiked, zip-lined, went to a luau and even found a winery.

The closest I will get to a bathing suit shot…

Snuba diving is a combination of scuba and snorkel. In my opinion, a great test if you’ve enjoyed snorkeling to see if you might enjoy scuba diving. I do need to work on my underwater signaling… I mistook the ‘very poisonous’ sign for the ‘touch this’ sign.

A zip-line view

Zip-lining is one of the more adventurous ways to really see the island from above. Skyline Eco Adventures made this Danimal + my number one activity of the trip. Don’t wear a white t-shirt (you get dirty) and be sure to wear long enough shorts.

Hips don’t lie..

The luau was easily the most cliché meal, but you real need to check that box if you are going all the way to the islands. Do your research about luaus to find the least cheesy one possible. Cheesy or not, I will never be able to swallow fire or hula dance – my hips just don’t do that.

Thank you, Hawaii!

Whether you are celebrating wedded bliss or just need an escape, move Maui to the top of your list!



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Photo Friday: To Another Year of Adventure


I’m shameless when it comes to birthdays. I just stinkin’ love them…  Today happens to be my 31st! What is my wish this year… for continued adventure. Today’s photo Friday is from one such adventure back in 2009 when Danimal + I headed to the San Juan Islands off the western coast of Washington state. We went ocean kayaking and lil’ seals swim right up next to us. This photo was taken at the western most point of the Continental U.S.

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Helen Keller Was Right

Helen Keller was right… well, she was…

“Life is either daring adventure or nothing at all!”  – My Girl, H.K.

Casey Neistat captured this sentiment perfectly in the new ad he created for Nike. It conveys everything that is invigorating to me about travel – real travel. The way you feel when you see a place + its people for the first time. The way getting to an impossible destination reminds you how small you are. The way travel can be equal parts frustration and exhilaration. The way the more you go the more you realize we are all the same.

Check out the ad here…

I can think of no one who needs that tattoo more than my own dad. Get out there, P. Chris Holder (+ all the rest of you) and see the world!

“Buy the ticket. Take the ride!”  – Hunter S. Thompson

Happy Traveling!

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Photo Friday: Take Me To The Mountains

Grand Teton National Park

In four hours I leave for a weekend on the beach at Isle of Palms! While I’m excited, I have to admit that I’m not really a beach girl. It might have something to do with the fact that I am the palest person alive (with the exception of maybe Clare Reilly), and that I just can’t sit still for very long. So today, I’m going opposite of the beach for Photo Friday… THE MOUNTAINS! And not just any mountains – The Grand Tetons. Note that they look particularly grand because unlike most mountain ranges, they have no foothills.

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A Reason to Stay Put

It has been 11 days since I’ve posted. Apologies, but I’ve been busy getting ready to go nowhere. Last weekend was my number one reason to be in Atlanta – the Inman Park Festival. Of all of my ‘trips’ this one is the closest. I literally walk out of my front door into a festival.

Just me and my 40,000 closest friends

I spoke about festival for the first time in my Staycation posts, but really you must know more… if for no other reason than to convince you to come to festival yourself. Festival is held the last full weekend of April each year. (Unless Easter falls that weekend…)

The Feed + Seed Marching Abominables

Festival officially kicks-off  Friday night at a serious party for the neighborhood known as Butterfly Ball. It features dinner, cocktails, and most importantly a kick a** band. The Marching Abominables even play. Seriously, if band had been like this in high school, it would have been cool.

Shopping AND a parade!

Saturday we open the flood gates for our friends across the city. There are over 400 arts + crafts booths and street market vendors. You can find everything from yard art to cupcakes to dining room tables. My favorite booth of the year was Potsalot Pottery… gorgeous and seemingly practical ceramics. They are based in NOLA on Magazine Street. Be sure to check them out the next time you are there.

You Gnome You Love It

You Gnome You Love It

Arguably the biggest draw is the City’s most eclectic parade… marching bands, floats, politicians, and a gathering of 264 gnomes.

Beautiful Historic IP Home

When not watching the parade or perusing booths, visitors and residents wander through the 12 different homes on tour each year. There is an incredible range of housing types in the ‘hood and the tour reflects this marvelously.

See you at Inman Park Festival 2013!

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