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Thank you, HOK!

Eight years ago I packed my bags, loaded up the moving truck and headed east to Atlanta. This was my second BIG adventure. (The first one had occurred a year prior when I lived in Italy.) I was moving to Atlanta because I was lucky enough to land my dream job at HOK and because HOK had decided a young girl from Texas was worth taking a risk on.  The reason HOK was the dream was the opportunity to work on projects across the globe that would positively impact people and place.

West Coast!

And I have to say, HOK far exceeded any expectations I ever had.  I have seen the world and had the chance to learn from the best. But, it is time for another BIG adventure. On Monday I officially announced my resignation because Jacobs has given me an opportunity too good to pass up.  So I would like to say a HUGE thank you to my HOK family for making this an absolutely incredible ride.

Adventures in Asia

And just to prove they showed me the world… a sampling of the range of places I’ve visited for work in the last eight years…

Savannah, Georgia

The Squares of Savannah

Huntsville, Alabama

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Alexandria, Virginia

Orlando, Florida

Asheville, North Carolina

New York, New York

Danimal, I NEED to live in NYC.

Toronto, Canada

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Panama City, Panama

Monterrey, Mexico

I can't even tell you how much cooking vanilla I bought in Monterrey.

Houston, Texas

Dallas, Texas

St. Louis, Missouri

Moss Point, Mississippi

Dubai, UAE

I've NEVER been hotter...

Los Angeles, California

Hong Kong

San Francisco, California

Shanghai, China

Birmingham, Alabama

Johannesburg, South Africa

Washington, D.C.




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