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No, Brussels… I didn’t forget you…

Let’s not forget about Brussels. I know it seems like I did… we have been back from Brussels for almost two months. I get this feeling that Brussels gets forgotten a good bit. I have already told Brussels I’m sorry because it really is quite delightful.

Grand-Place: #1 Square of the Trip

When we arrived at the station it was raining, but somehow by the time we got things settled at Hotel Amigo it had magically stopped. Before I get to the exploration, I need to say a quick word about Hotel Amigofantastic! The views, the amenities, the design, and staff were all top-notch. This is without question one of the nicest hotels we have ever stayed in. I really have only one small, minor gripe- they wanted me us to pay 20 euro a day for internet. Um… WHAT! I’m already paying you a sweet penny to stay here and now you want more for internet. No.

That teeny tiny statue is what all of the fuss is about.

It turns out that one of the “main attractions” was just half-a-block from our hotel. I use the term “main attraction” loosely since we had been warned that the Manneken Pis was underwhelming. While the statue itself was, the folklore around him is nothing short of fascinating. Perhaps my favorite thing about him is that there is a non-profit dedicated to protecting him from capture and managing his over 800 outfits. You read that correctly… 800. I couldn’t make it up if I tried. There is even an online schedule  so you know what he will be wearing… he was in his Portuguese outfit when we arrived and was going to change into a polar explorer the day after we left.

It kinda feels like the Mannekin Pis is their mascot for everything.

There is much more to Brussels than this little guy. The number of and quality of museums made it tough to choose which one we spend the afternoon exploring – Danimal picked the Beaux Arts Museum and that was definitely a great choice. His art obsessed wife could have spent days there. And perhaps the real bonus was that it was just across from the palace. (Y’all know I love a good palace….) The palace and museums front the bustling Parc de Bruxelles (created in 1776). We were there on a Sunday afternoon – the place was packed and in the middle of a sculptural tribute to brussel sprouts. Again, I can’t make this stuff up.

Urban Brussel Sprout

Only one more trip post left, the traditional food post. Seems appropriate given that it is Thanksgiving week… the ultimate food holiday.


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