Just Charming

If I was asked to describe Amsterdam in one word, I would effortlessly say, “charming”. Y’all, this place is absolutely adorable. We arrived to the hotel around 6:00am and immediately began exploring. Given the hour we were some of the few out in the streets… what a treat to see the City before it awoke.

It looks like this EVERYWHERE.

We spent the majority of our first day just walking the streets. The architecture and the scale combined with the canals (I mean… over 1200 bridges here, folks) allow you to disappear into your surroundings… you really could just wander for days.

Danimal… clearly excited about the number of photos he will be taking.

In addition to the canals are the quaint side alleys. I limited myself to 85 pictures of side alleys. Danimal insists that the number of pictures I’m taking makes us look more like tourists than his Braves hat would have.

The only thing that could make it cuter is a canal.

Fun Fact (aka Nerd Fact) of the Day: Even with new construction the buildings here rely on exterior pulley systems to move furniture into upper levels because of the narrow staircases. We will definitely be needing this when we move into the place I’ve picked out for us in Amsterdam. (A girl can dream…)

Where we would live. Charming, yes?

I’m confident tomorrow will be ‘charming’ as well when we head to the countryside.


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  1. Cynthia

    When we were there, some guy tried to sell Joe drugs before we left the airport. Then, we went for our “big splurge” meal from Europe on $5 a Day and it was sooooooooooooo bad that we left hungry!

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