Time for the Annual Summer Sunburn

You know sometimes a girl just needs a good sunburn. (Said no one ever.)  I think sunburns are half the reason I’m just not a beach person. Being super pale, it is always my fate… regardless of how often I apply sunscreen or how high the SPF number, the sunburn wins. The other half being that I don’t really enjoy getting sandy or sand getting in my stuff. (I also just gave myself the ‘lamest person ever’ award.) But, every once in a while the beach surprises me, and this past weekend it did.

The Inlet

Perhaps it was our hosts or the company, but Oak Island beach did the trick. The fabulous Tom + Fran Martin (my pal Kelley’s parents) treated some of my ATL girlfriends to the most fabulous weekend in the St. James / Oak Island / Southport / Bald Head Island Metroplex. (I use the term metroplex loosely…) I’ll start with the beach.  Less crowded than Wrightsville Beach with more personality that Ocean Isle, Oak Island is the ideal mix of activity, relaxing and people watching.

Bullfrog Corner

On Day 2, I was clearly too sunburned to return to the beach for a second straight day so some of us gals headed to town. I knew I was going to love it when the shop names were ‘Candy Town’ and ‘Candy Store + Animal Menagerie’. SOLD!

I dream about places like this.

I made it back without doing too much damage… just a couple of adorable, antique, teal cocktail glasses that screamed ‘buy me’. We then began preparing for Tom’s birthday boat ride. I’ve ridden on plenty of boats in my time, but never a boat quite like this. Because I’m terrible at boating terms and this is the fanciest one I’ve ever been on, I will call this a mini-yacht. We put on our best yachting dresses and headed to the marina.

Thanks, Captain Dave + First Mate Chari!

The boat ride from St. James to Bald Head Island takes roughly an hour. You pass by everything from lush marshes to downtown Southport to beautiful waterfront homes. Just about the time I started to think I belong on a yacht, a wave came on board drenching me back down to earth. We ate at Mojo’s on the Harbor where I had my new signature summer cocktail: Sgroppino – Lemon Italian Ice, Prosecco and vodka – three of my favorite things. After dinner we spent a few minutes on Bald Head before heading back. No cars are allowed on the island, but there were golf carts EVERYWHERE.

Bald Head Island

We wrapped Tom’s birthday with delicious, homemade cannoli cake. The next morning we packed up to head back to Atlanta. After a teary good-bye from Fran and Tom, we were on the road. Thank you Tom + Fran for the most wonderful weekend. Danimal and I are available adoption if you are looking for two more kids… whatever it takes to spend more time with you two in St. James!


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