Seoul Food

What better way to say farewell to Seoul than with a post about food. (One of my favorite guilty pleasures of travel…) Now, I’m prepared for the backlash, but I don’t love kimchee. While there are over 200 kinds and I certainly didn’t try them all, I did not find one I needed to have again. I’ll eat it, but it was too bitter for my liking. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I did eat quite a bit of other delicious food.

Just some Bibimbap


This is a signature dish that is a mix of meat and vegetables over rice topped off with the obligatory egg. The egg is one of my favorite additions not just to Bibimbap and Korean food, but to many Asian dishes.

Some Banchan, pre-meat


As with most Korean meals, you server delivers a variety of tiny bites (banchan) before the main food arrives. Since this was BBQ, the tiny bites were brought out with our personal grill. The server then returns and grills the food for you as you wait. We had steak and pork belly. The pork belly was my person favorite.

I need one a day. At least.

Pat Bing Soo

I loved this traditional dessert because it combined several of my favorite things… shaved ice, honey, red beans, and fruit. You mix it all together to get a cross between an icee and a shake.

The broth is ready to add goodies… 


This is actually Japanese version of the Chinese hot pot, but you can find ‘hot pot’ type meals across Asia. Shabu-Shabu is similar to Gogigui in the sense that you cook the meat the table. But instead of a grill, it is boiled in a pot. This pot is divided in half and you can pick two different broths. We picked  milder one for seafood and a spicier one for the beef. The vegetables are added first, followed by the meat and finally the pasta. You don’t have to wait for everything to be added before you begin eating either, as it is done… fill your bowl and begin.

Seoul, this is a weight gain I can live with… thanks for the eats!


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