I’m Seoul Excited

Oh, blog… I know I’ve been neglectful. I’ve been buried in work, and honestly, all of my super fun trips are ahead of us. I was seeking inspiration when out of nowhere Jacobs delivered. Big time. I’m leaving for Korea on Sunday! (I’m pretty sure Kim Jong Un and I are going to be fast friends.) This is a work trip and I don’t know that I’m going to have much, if any, free time. Fortunately Time TRAVEL made a list of the Top Ten things to do in Seoul.

Asia… Mommy is coming!

Gyeongbok Palace: Palace!!!  Clearly on the list

Bukchon Village: A beautifully restored wooden village!!!!  Oh.my.word. This is on the list for sure.

Shinsegae Department Store:  Expensive, organic fruit? I can get that in Atlanta. I still may have to see what all the hype is about.

Bugak San: A hiking excursion… this sounds gorgeous. Should probably add zip-off pants to the packing list.

Itaewon: They say every foreigner comes here which means it is automatically disqualified. It did mention brunch though which I do love.

Namdaemun Market: Rumor is that it is open virtually around-the-clock with inexpensive clothing, housewares, etc. JACKPOT! And it seems that it could work with my schedule, even if I’m working eleventy billion hours.

Cheonggyecheon Stream: This 3.6 mile walk is described as a spa. I’m sold. It even has waterfalls.

War Memorial of Korea: People LOVE invading this place. This memorial is apparently more like a museum and chronicles it all. This probably isn’t top of my list though. (Sorry dad…)

Seoul Bus Tour: I’m sure it is lovely, but y’all know bus tours aren’t really my thing.

Korean Feasts: This one had me at feast and they say some are only $15. This WILL be happening.

Megan is on her way?!?! I’ll give that a golf clap.

I will report back as much as I can over the next week. Between now and then I will be practicing new Korean words. I currently only know Hyundai.


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  1. Great Blog – have fun.

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