Tis’ the Season… Wedding Season

This weekend there was an article on CNN.com about wedding travel titled,  “Obligation Eating  Up Your Vacation?” Boy did that hit home. Earlier this year I did some math that made me pause. By the end of 2012 Danimal and I will have been to 47 weddings together. A whopping two of them will have been in Atlanta. (We even traveled for our own wedding.) The truth of it is though, we wouldn’t have missed any of them.

Vineyard Nuptials

These friends and family members have filled our lives with so much love. It isn’t always a good time or convenient location, and it can be expensive. But what better way to spend our money than to be with the people we care about most and to see and experience new places. Or in some cases rediscover the places we have been to countless times before. At this point we have mastered the art of turning a wedding into a vacation. Here are some of our favorites and ones we are most looking forward to.

Pike Place Market


We turned a wedding weekend in Seattle into a week-long tour of the Pacific Northwest. We spent half our time in the City and half in the San Juan Islands. And naturally we stopped at several of the wineries in between. Adams Bench being my favorite winery find. I should also mention that  Casey + Kristen’s wedding was one of the most personal, unique and beautiful we have ever been to… complete with dueling pianos at the reception!

Palest Wedding Party Ever atop the Magnolia Hotel


Even weddings in my hometown have allowed me to see the City in a new way. Growing up we didn’t spend a lot of time downtown, but our wedding and Clare + Joe’s allowed us to see it with fresh eyes. Stay at the Magnolia Hotel, eat at Treebeards, ride the light rail and catch an Astros‘ game. (Biggio forever!!)

The Green Building


For all of the times that Danimal and I have been to NYC, we have never been together. That will be remedied in August for Aaron + Sarah’s nuptials. The best part… the festivities will be in Brooklyn, a part of town itching to know better. And won’t it be easier for me to ask Danimal if we can move there, if he is right next to me? [Insert Danimal sigh.]

We’re going international!!!


We are wrapping 2012 with our first international wedding. Tulum is the perfect Mexican adventure because it already embraces what we love about travel… it is authentic and off-the-grid. Thank you David + Kristen for what we know will be a tough wedding to top.

I can only imagine where 2013 will take us!


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