We Were ALMOST in Bavaria

It’s kind of like how new coke was never going to be the original… Helen, Georgia is never going to quite be a Bavarian town. Helen is located in the North Georgia mountains about an hour-and-a-half north of Atlanta. Unless you are there for Oktoberfest, there isn’t really much to do in the city itself.

If you squint, it IS Germany!

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop in, grab an ice cream, and people watch to your heart’s content. Some things really only happen in Helen.


Helen is also the perfect little pit stop during a long weekend to North Georgia. Where I suggest spending more of your time is at the wineries. (Surprise!) This past weekend Danimal and I made a visit to BlackStock Vineyards. We had a wonderfully inexpensive Sangiovese and perfectly smooth Merlot. (And the view was just breathtaking.)

Danimal @ Blackstock

After BlackStock head up the road to Frogtown Cellars. We had the pleasure of drinking copious amounts of tasting their wine this past Saturday at Matt + Mandy’s wedding. Told you it was wedding season… The wine was great but the setting was even better. It made me want a do-over wedding. (Between that and all my wedding ideas from Pinterest I need a do-over.)

Prettiest little Frogtown

There is more than wineries and people watching… you float the Hooch, hike some trails – you escape. Go ahead and book a cabin and Black Bear Lodge + Cabins and spend a weekend in the mountains.


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