Helen Keller Was Right

Helen Keller was right… well, she was…

“Life is either daring adventure or nothing at all!”  – My Girl, H.K.

Casey Neistat captured this sentiment perfectly in the new ad he created for Nike. It conveys everything that is invigorating to me about travel – real travel. The way you feel when you see a place + its people for the first time. The way getting to an impossible destination reminds you how small you are. The way travel can be equal parts frustration and exhilaration. The way the more you go the more you realize we are all the same.

Check out the ad here…

I can think of no one who needs that tattoo more than my own dad. Get out there, P. Chris Holder (+ all the rest of you) and see the world!

“Buy the ticket. Take the ride!”  – Hunter S. Thompson

Happy Traveling!


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