You Never Sau-sage A Festival

Y’all know I love me some Texas. And last week on my unexpected trip to THE great state, I was able to spend some quality time in one of my favorite parts… the Hill Country. If you could bottle up how Texas feels – the people, the dance halls, the food, the landscape, this is the exact part of the state I would pick.

While San Antonio + Austin are the main cities, the small communities scattered throughout the Hill Country are its pulse. An area heavily influenced by Mexican, German and Czech immigrants, the place has personality. One of my favorite spots is one of the very smallest (population 467), New Berlin, Texas.

The General Store in New Berlin (yep, that is baby me...)

I may be a bit biased since it is my grandmother’s hometown, but each Labor Day weekend they open their doors and throw a true German festival known as The Sausage Supper. It is a day filled with bingo, silent auctions, carnival prizes, a polka band and obviously sausage. It is never cool weather, but that doesn’t seem to bother anyone.  So mark your calendars for the Sunday of Labor Day weekend for more sauerkraut than you can imagine. And as a teaser… you can buy a shirt with a picture of a sausage and tag line, “You Never Sausage A Festival.” Now you’re hooked…

Texas' Oldest Dance Hall

New Berlin is not alone in small town charm. Luling hosts their annual Watermelon Thump in June. (I told you heat does not affect these shindigs…) Hondo has a Wild Game Fest … I could go on and on. In my book though, nothing beats Gruene (prounounced green). The town is home to Texas’ oldest dance hall, Gruene Hall, where you can catch some of the most authentic Texas Country Music acts year-round. No need to schedule around a festival… just float the river, head to the Gristmill and end your night dancing.

Really, Gruene needs a post of its own. Consider it added to the list…

Photo credit: Blue Bonnets – red bubble, Gruene Hall – Texas Outside


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