Epic Adventure 2012: Time to Vote

This fall Danimal and I will celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. (How is this possible…) I know it’s cliché, but it feels like we just hopped on the plane to Greece to escape our families go on our honeymoon. Danimal and I have been to loads of great places.

Proof of the cruise... 2006 Ahoy!

Some have been better than others. On our first big vacation we went on a cruise. There are two kinds of people in this world… those who are cruise people and those who aren’t. We aren’t.

Visiting Adam's Bench Winery outside Seattle

One common theme of every one of our trips seems to be wine. Every vacation we have ever been on has involved some sort of wine tasting. Our first mini-break ended with the purchase of a case of wine from the Biltmore.

Maui 2010 (Yes, we found a winery here...)

Wanting this year to be especially epic, I have been thinking Argentina. It allows me to check another continent off the list and there are wineries in addition to awesome outdoors stuff. I did make the mistake of suggesting that we swing on down to Antarctica while we were there. (Danimal is NOT interested in going to Antarctica.) Danimal was thinking we go to Europe. The following conversation ensued:

Dan: I was thinking we go to Europe.

Me: Europe is easy. We can do easy when we are old. We need to go to the hard places like Machu Picchu now.

Dan: Why would we want to go to hard places?


Clearly we have a bit of a disconnect on travel philosophy. Fortunately, there is no disconnect when it comes to loving to travel together. So we are turning to you, our Thirty4Thirty family to help us select this year’s destination.

Grand Tetons... Eat your heart out REI.

Sound off below in the comments with your suggestions! Oh… and don’t waste your suggestion on India. Danimal doesn’t want to go there either. [Sigh.]



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2 responses to “Epic Adventure 2012: Time to Vote

  1. Michelle

    Argentina!!!!! X 10

  2. Cynthia Taylor


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