A Farewell to Asia: Temple of 10,000 Buddhas

I promise this is the last day of Asia ‘week’, and in this case I’ve said the best for last. Several stars aligned that made my trip to the Temple of 10,000 Buddhas the most memorable excursion of my time there. Barry, Jana and I had been toying with the trip for a couple of weekends and decided to go on one of the many holidays… Cheung Yung Festival.

The Pinnacle

From Central we took the train to Sha Tin Station in New Territories. (Take Exit B out of the the station. Walk down the pedestrian ramp and hang a left on Pai Tau Street.) Oddly enough you will pass low income housing and an Ikea in this 1/4 mile exit. Before you actually get to the path for the temple you arrive at a series of white ancestral halls on Po Fook Hill.

Po Fook Hill

On festival days families visit the ancestral halls (that contain multiple internment rooms) to celebrate and remember their deceased loved ones. Families light strings of firecrackers to convey a sense of happiness, while others burned paper money, paper clothes and silver and gold pieces of paper to ensure that their ancestors will have all the wealth and protection they will need in the after life.

Buddhas on the Steps

The journey to the top of the monastery is over 431 steps. But for every step you take you are rewarded with 29.9 buddhas on average. There are actually OVER 10,000 Buddhas… there are 12,800 of them.

The Main Sanctum

Some are gold, some are painted in vibrant colors and they range is size and personality along the trail.

1 of 12,800

There were moments on the climb where you look out to see the city beyond, the buddhas at your feet and suddenly you feel incredibly small. And that is why this excursion should be at the very top of your list, 431 steps to the top, of things to do in Hong Kong.

View of New Territories

Happy Climbing!


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