Bigger and Bling-ier (Yep, it’s a word now…)

At dinner on Friday night Danimal let out a bit of a sigh over the fact that it was still Asia week. He said, “I feel like Asia is lasting a lot longer than a week.”  So sue me. Asia is big enough (size and population-wise) and bold enough to justify a few extra days on Thirty4Thirty. And to prove it, I’ve included photos of the Asian affinity for being fabulously over-the-t0p.

"Help! I've been attacked by a bedazzler!"

 Barry and I discovered this Mercedes crying out for help at the mall in Kowloon while we were Christmas shopping. In general, Christmas brings out the best of the bling in Hong Kong. I can only imagine the grandeur of Chinese New Year.

The equivalent of Santa's Wonderland

Young children waited in line for hours to meet the person who I presume was Santa Claus. Don’t you love the scene!?! It is what I imagine the world would look like if Santa’s Wonderland collided with Narnia.

Time to Trim the Tree

If only Danimal would let me have a Christmas tree with pink feathers. (Or, the wild purple one.)

Talk About a House Boat

On the last weekend before the three of us went to North America for the holidays, Jana, Barry and I went to a bit of a celebration dinner. We put on our Sunday best and headed to Jumbo Kingdom in Aberdeen Harbor. Upon arrival, we took the ferry from the island to the floating restaurant of lights.
The Welcome Dragon

Every last detail was sufficiently ornate for the fine dining that awaited. The detail translated perfectly to the food + drink… the taste, service and presentation were sublime.


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