Time for the Mainland

Y’all remember Abbey of 2011 Trip #26  fame. When I lived in Hong Kong, she did a stint in Shanghai… ROAD TRIP! I flew up to the mainland for a long weekend. Folks, mainland China is a different ballgame.  Hong Kong is incredibly international where English is prevalent, Shanghai not so much. It was everything you imagine a Chinese mega-city to be and then some.

On the Bund... oh and I should mention that Abbey was 6 months preggo at the time

She, Tyler and I spent the weekend running around the city. Tyler… bless his heart… was the best sport about the whole thing. He had actually lived in Shanghai during college so served as tour guide, photographer and listener to stories. Up first on the agenda — Xintiandi. The district has restaurants, shops, entertainment and happens to be the home of the first congress of the Communist Party of China.

Wandering the streets of Xintiandi

 Xintiandi is a very pedestrian district  and our next destination, in the Pudong District, was anything but. The Pudong District is home of the world’s second tallest building and tallest observation deck, Shanghai Global. After a series of escalators, stairs and elevators we finally made it to the top.

View from the Top

For everything you see that is shiny, bright and new like Shanghai Global, you encounter activity on the street that reminds you that you are in a country that is still developing and very much Communist. 


Then there is the in-between. Yuyuan Garden is located at the center of the Old City. In addition to all of the shops, there are fabulous gardens. But, you know Abbey + I, we never made it to the gardens. We got distracted by the goodies. You really should go to the gardens though, they’ve been around since 1559.

YuYuan Garden

 And like that, the weekend was over and I jetted back home to Hong Kong.


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