Snakes in a Cage

Hong Kong is an absolute melting pot. The team I worked with was made up of individuals from Scotland, Germany, South Africa, Australia, mainland China, and almost every other country in Southeast Asia. My request upon arrival was that each them show me their favorite restaurant. This turned out to be the ultimate taste adventure. The only parameters I set were no mustard and no dog.

The Market

When Barry and I were in Guangzhou our clients took us to what ended up being my most authentic Chinese meal. When we arrived at the restaurant we walked through the market and to a large individual dining room. We were seated around a round table with largest lazy susan I have ever seen. (Roughly 8′ round…) We sampled everything from chicken legs to pig intestine to pumpkin sticky buns. I’m not even kidding when I say the pig intesines were good. But the crown jewel was the buns… if only there had been more.

Yes. Those ARE snakes in a cage.

The most unsettling part of the experience was the market. At first glance it seemed it was just fish tank after fish tank. Then I saw ducks and chicken in the cages when my eye went to the freaking snakes. (Keep in mind snakes are my greatest fear after mustard.) Snakes in a cage? Seriously… don’t they realize they could just slither through the holes. I can’t even let my mind go to that dark place.

Squid on a Stick

One of the most fun food experiences was the chance to eat from the many street vendors. Some of them can be a bit dicey, but once my friends showed me their favorites I was confident enough to order on my own.

Just a little Vietnamese cuisine

While there was an unexpected number of Indian restaurants (Jashan being my favorite…), I had Vietnamese food more than almost any other type. The coconut water and vermicelli noodles were the perfect meal on hot and humid Hong Kong days.

Triple Spice

The victor of all restaurants though was Chile Figaro. Just around the corner from the office in Mid-Levels/SoHo this Szechuan style restaurant has three levels of spice… hot, hot and hotter. It is totally worth not being able to feel your lips.



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