To Market, To Market

To say I shopped like that was my job when I was in Hong Kong would not be an understatement. The first Saturday I was there I took the bus to Stanley Market and left with no fewer than seven purses. God forbid I find another purse I liked on the 119 days that followed.

Stanley Main Street

StreetStanley Market is a traditional Chinese market, but now bleeds into Stanley Main Street that is lined with shops + restaurants that look out over the water. If you are staying in Mid-Levels or Central the best way to get to Stanley is on a bus from the main station in Central. This allows you to look over the lush hills as you enter the less dense districts of the island.

I need more

If you are looking for Chinese antiques or collectibles, you must make a trip down Hollywood Road. The street is lined with shop after shop of everything from trinkets to art to antiques. You will then arrive at Cat Street Market. (The officially name of the road is Upper Lascar Row.) This was without dispute my favorite place to find hidden gems. The one mistake I made was not buying enough of the bowls. I lose an embarrassing amount of sleep over the fact that I didn’t just buy a full set of 12. Cat Street can be a bit like T.J. Maxx though… it isn’t all treasures, you have to be willing to hunt for hidden gems.

Poor Danimal suffering through Cat Street. (I know... he looks adorably American in those tennis shoes.)

 For every traditional open-air market I stumbled upon, there were boulevards of high-end shops. From Queen Street in Central to Nathan Road in Kowloon, it rivaled Madison Avenue in NYC and Worth Avenue in West Palm. (Just take the Star Ferry over…)

My wallet loves this place

 That being said, I would trade all the LVs in that place to just have those 12 bowls. Sigh.

Photo credit: Cat Street Market Bowls – agefoto

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