It’s Asia Week!

Hong Kong… How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. There are very few things I don’t love about Hong Kong. In 2010, with very short notice, I went to live there for four months. I cried as Dan dropped me at the airport. I cried when I arrived at my apartment and realized I could not stream US television shows on the internet. Then the next morning I woke up and began to discover the wonder that is Asia. (I didn’t cry again until I told my new friends good-bye and returned to the U.S.)


So, in honor of the Year of the Dragon, welcome to Asia week! Y’all know I’m a city girl, I feed off the energy of the bustling streets. But… Asia is like no crowd you have ever seen, and I have never felt so alive. I tried to convince Dan that we needed to move to Hong Kong. I had our apartment building picked out. (It was the perfect street for the dogs.)

How Me (I mean US) is that grey building?!?!

We would ride the escalator to work each morning, grab street food as we explored the City. Sigh. You already know how this story ends. We still live in America.

View from the Escalator

Don’t worry, I packed in more fun than I could have imagined possible. (Especially considering that I worked 100 hour weeks while I was there.) So check back over the next seven days as we explore the food, culture, and hidden gems of Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.


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