Better Make It Midtown: Staycation Day #2

When I first moved to Atlanta I lived just north of Midtown and now I live just east of Midtown in Inman Park. And, if I wasn’t so freaking obsessed with Inman Park, I would look for a place there. I especially recommend Midtown for people coming to visit. (I mean you don’t even need a car!)

Skyline View

Not only is Midtown walkable but there are plenty hotels at a range of prices. Take your pick. You can walk out that morning and not come back until the wee hours. Now I’m about to get ahead of myself with the first recommendation, but it is too easy. Eat dinner at Ecco. I know, I jumped straight to dinner. No surprise there. One more dinner tip… order the fried goat cheese with honey black pepper.

Balls of Goodness

The tough thing about Midtown is that there is SO much good stuff pick from. So in no particular order, some options for your consideration.

Become one of the 2.5 million visitors

1. Piedmont Park: This is Atlanta’s version of Central Park. The park recently underwent significant renovations. It was great before; it’s even better now. The 189-acre park includes a dog park, playgrounds, swimming pool, tennis courts, pond, an ice rink in the winter, and item #2 on the list.

Day, Night, Summer, Winter always awesome

2. Atlanta Botanical Gardens: The orchid house is one of my favorite features of the garden, but the addition of the canopy walk allows you to travel in the trees. This year at Christmas for the first time ABG hosted ‘Garden Lights + Holiday Nights’. Magic.

Setting for a Love Story

3. Woodruff Arts Center: When Dan was wooing me (oh, memories) we spent a good bit of time at WAC. We had season tickets to the symphony and it became a regular date night. In addition to being the home of the ASO, you can also find the High Art Museum. The Picasso to Warhol exhibit is there until April 29.

Seriously, how cool is the sky ceiling?

4. Fox Theater: The Fox Theater is an Atlanta classic. You can see everything from musical performances (we saw Alison Krauss and Florence + the Machine last year), to theatrical performances (think Chicago) and classic movies (the Godfather on the big screen).

And to think these are just the more traditional Midtown recommendations. Imagine what you will find if you just plan to spend the day getting lost.


Photo credits: Access Atlanta, The Coolist, Woodruff Center, PPS


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