Thirty-One Trips for Thirty-One Years (OR 2012 Travel Resolutions)

Thirty  trips for thirty years! We did it kids. In the calendar year of 2011 we successfully completed thirty trips. We have now entered calendar year 2012 and you know what that means… I’m turning 31. Say it with me now, “Thirty-one trips for thirty-one years”!

THE View in Mauritius: My #1 Travel Photo of 2011 (oh and the girl in the pink sari playing on the beach...)

I’m kidding. Danimal would have a fit. I mean he has…

Dan: Why are you doing a blog post? You already did your 30 trips.

Me: The blog doesn’t stop now… it is just getting started.

Dan: Ugh.

Me: Thirty-One for Thirty-One!!!!!

Dan: Or you could stay here this year.

Me: That sounds like a boring travel blog.

The goal of 2012 is not thirty-one trips. (Although my not-so-secret inner wish is that it happens.) These are the 2012 Travel Resolutions… in no particular order.

1. Take more trips with Danimal. He is my #1, and of the thirty trips we only got to go together on eleven of them.

My Favorite 2011 Danimal + Megan Travel Photo: Grand Tetons

2. Recap some epic travel places I have been previously. You guys NEED to know about them and visit them for yourselves. Travel tips and recommendations to be included… naturally.

Hong Kong: I LOVE this place

3. Photo Fridays: Not every post needs loads of text. Sometimes a picture really does say a thousand words.

1,000 Words

4. Highlight some of my other favorite travel blogs. These peeps give GREAT advice.

5. Plan the most wonderful and crazy-awesome 5th Wedding Anniversary trip with Danimal. (Just wait until y’all see my dream destination list…)

Time to buckle up folks… the 2012 travel year is upon us.


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