14 Friends, 6.5 Puzzles + 1 VERY Happy New Year

Seriously, how is it 2012? It is hard to believe that just twelve years ago was the new millennium. I distinctly remember trying to figure out how to leave the house in a top my parents were sure to hate. This year Danimal and I rang in the New Year the exact same way we did last year, and have for the last four years.

View from Cabin 2011

Fourteen of our friends in the ATL rent a cabin in Ellijay and head up there for four days and three nights of pajama wearing, gaming, champagne drinking and puzzling. This year we completed 6.5 puzzles… and now this sounds like the nerdiest possible way to spend New Year’s.

My Other Car is a Puzzle

Y’all know I love travel (this is a travel blog) and that I am fiercely loyal to Delta. Given that I fly every month, I have read nearly every issue of Delta Sky Magazine over the last six years. The November issue this year was one of my favorites and not just because it featured SJP. I loved what she revealed in her interview about the way she and Matthew spend NYE. They have spent the last TWENTY years celebrating with the same core group of friends. She said, “There is something wonderful about starting a new year surrounded by people you love”. I could not agree more.

Cabin 2011 Rookies: Nolan, Emerson, + Eli

Happy New Year from the staff of Thirty4Thirty (aka me)! Thank you for following the adventures. Stay tuned tomorrow for 2012 travel resolutions…



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