Carolina In My Mind

One of the best things about moving to Atlanta seven and a half years ago is that I was in driving distance of a whole slew of new places. (North Carolina being one of the closest getaways…) In addition to spending Christmas (aka Trip #30) there, I made it to Charlotte in April to speak at a conference and Ocean Isle the weekend before Memorial Day.

Marshall Park

Charlotte is a great southern city, especially as a place to live. I must say I would have trouble recommending it as a travel destination, but would not hesitate for a second if someone told me that they were relocating there. Charlotte as a city is making all of the right decisions… investment in light rail, expansion of the greenway system, you name it.

Hop On the Train

Danimal actually lived in Charlotte until ninth grade, and almost every year we still go on a big ‘family trip’ with the families he grew up with on Heidelberg Lane. When they were little they all had matching shirts and each family wore a different color of the shirt. Since it was the 80s they were awful hues like salmon, teal, and lavender. I swear to you if I had a copy of this image that is all this blog post would be. What I love about family trips is that it is all about 20/20 vision. You forget how torturous moments of them were (wearing a teal shirt, sharing bunk beds with seven people) because as you age it becomes less painful and more hilarious.

Chandler Family Photo: Take 97

For the past several years the Heidelberg Lane crew has vacationed in Ocean Isle. Ocean Isle is near Myrtle Beach, but allows you to bypass the cheese. It is the PERFECT place to go if you want to avoid crowds and do nothing but spend time together.  There are a few restaurants but the way to go is to stop at the grocery and then cook at whatever amazing beach house you have rented. This keeps you from ever having to change out of pajamas and/or swimsuits. Check plus.

Totally Worth It

And, be sure to have cash on the beach… you NEED to buy shaved ice when the cart strolls by.


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