I Spy

When I landed in DC and popped into the Dean + Deluca in Georgetown, my first thought was that this blog post can’t just be about D + D and it can’t just be about Georgetown.  (Although Georgetown is where I would want to live in DC and that specific D + D is my favorite one.)

I would come here EVERY day

That evening I headed to dinner with my childhood friend, Anne Brady, and gal pal, Sarah Gonzalez. After an amazing dinner at Brasserie Beck (order the mussels in veal bolognese sauce) I then thought this post was going to have to be entitled “It’s Good to be Sarah Gonzalez” or “Anne Frank: This Time We’re Hiding A Love Story”.

Chapel Hill Farms Veal Bolognese Sauce

Lucky for you, my blog audience, the next day I went to the Spy Museum. My word, this place is fun, and allows you to play out your childhood spy fantasies. Or, if you are me, your adult dream is to be an undercover CIA operative. (A dream I have clearly now ruined by telling all of you about it…)

Before I went undercover...

You can’t even take photos once you pass the entrance. How awesomely spy like. Upon entering you assume a new identity for the duration of your visit, watch a briefing, and then you are set loose. The museum is interactive, fun for all ages and showcases the history of undercover operations.

The Spy Museum is obviously one of many first-class museums in the District. I personally believe that  DC has the best concentration of museums in the country, and I love their support of arts. As I type this post, I’m watching one of the television events I look forward to most each year, the Kennedy Center Honors. Now that is my ultimate DC dream, to attend the Honors.

Don’t worry, I recognize that this falls into dream category of the pipe variety.  I will gladly settle for just seeing a show at the Kennedy Center.


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  1. Je

    hahahaha love the altnernate blog post names

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