Sposa Bagnata, Sposa Fortunata (Translation: Wet Bride, Lucky Bride)

They say rain on the wedding day brings good luck. If this is true, Britney + John Dickinson have more than most. Danimal and I drove to Montevallo, Alabama through what seemed like a Monsoon for their BIG day this past February.

Love in the Rain

Britney was a gorgeous bride and didn’t let the rain get in the way one bit. The reception was on the campus of University of Montevallo. Britney went  to school there and now works at the University. There is something nostalgic about being back on college campus even if it isn’t your own.

University of Montevallo

 This trip got me thinking about my list of favorite college towns. Go ahead and add them to your list of weekend trips now.

Athens, Georgia – I love how close Athens is to Atlanta. If the Bulldogs weren’t one of Danimal’s arch enemies, I’m sure we would spend more time there. My favorite aspect of the town… the music scene. Athens gave birth to the likes of R.E.M. and the B-52s

Cambridge, Massachusetts – The brainiacs may run this place, but it is a great college town where Harvard and MIT battle for turf. I personally recommend Upstairs on the Square for brunch.

Mimosas for All

Austin, Texas – I know… I went to school in College Station, but I just can’t hate a city as cool as Austin. I like it for many of the reasons I love Athens, but it has the added benefit of being located in the greatest state… Texas.

Charleston, South CarolinaCollege of Charleston blends into the historic fabric so well you don’t even realize you are on campus.

C of C

Next goal… to find a way to be in college again.

University of Montevallo Photo Credit: montevallo.edu

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