Merry Christmas from Trip #30

Welcome to Wilmington! Not credit card Wilmington, the fabulous beachfront AND riverfront Wilmington in North Carolina. When Danimal + I first started dating we spent many spring weekends here at Wrightsville Beach. (Danimal’s family hails from Wilmington.)  Eating at restaurants like Roy’s Riverboat Landing (great bread pudding) and Deluxe that are located in downtown on the river. Or we would stay beach side and head to Oceanic. Don’t worry y’all this is not a love story post, it is Christmas for Christ’s sake.

Nativity Scene at the Cameron Art Museum (told you we were in the South)

You all may recognize Wilmington from  the likes of Dawson’s Creek (Joey Potter 4 ever!) or One Tree Hill. They were/are filmed here. I still haven’t had a celeb-sighting (not for the lack of trying), but Maria Zimmerman DEFINITELY has. Nights in Rodanthe was filmed at their next door neighbor’s house a few years back and she baked for the crew.

The Baker + The Blogmaker

Wilmington is wonderfully under-the-radar in terms of Southern charm, and Maria’s house has more than most. We spent Christmas Eve-Eve at their casa in my favorite Wilmington neighborhood, Forest Hills. I mean… everyone should have festive mini-martini glasses when decorating for the holiday. How have these not been in Garden + Gun yet?

Perfect for a Mad Men Themed Party

But really, the next time you are looking to plan a weekend trip to the East Coast, Wilmington should be on the list. From the beach to downtown to Airlie Gardens there is plenty to keep you entertained. (The Azalea Festival is April 11 – 15 in 2012.) And not to worry, if you come at Christmas, Santa does too. Especially if you are Annabelle Chandler.

Good News… She made the nice list

Happy FIRST Christmas, Annabelle!



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