To Infinity and Beyond

Generally speaking, it’s not rocket science. Well, unless you’re in Huntsville, Alabama and in that case it probably is.  It’s one of the homes of NASA and has the highest number of PhDs per capita of anywhere in the U.S. (Too bad, so sad Cambridge…)

NASA @ Night

Confession: Huntsville will not be making the ‘Favorites List’ on ‘Thirty 4Thirty’. I don’t blame Huntsville though (the people are just lovely). I blame the fact that this was a work trip that didn’t leave me time to experience the place properly. I mean this is one of fastest growing places in the country. There must be plenty to love.

Downtown Waterfront... Yes, Please!

I look forward to next time when I can give the city its proper due. And, I’m dying to visit NASA… as a child I desperately wanted to go to space camp, I thought space ice cream seemed so cool. (Turns out it is pretty disgusting.) As a person who lives to travel and explore new places, space travel is beyond my wildest dreams… the true final frontier.

Now this is a room with a view...

I am fascinated by the unknown of space. One of the most inspiring videos I watched this year was part of the Honda Power of Dreams series called Into the Unknown. (The one on failure is also fantastic.) It features retired NASA astronaut, Guion Bluford  and much of what they talk about is what is exhilirating to me about travel. There is a “deep inner drive that they can’t explain, but we can’t resist”. Exactly!


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