All I Want for Christmas

I love Christmas, maybe a little too much. I don’t know how it could ever really live up to the expectations I set. And poor Danimal, he has to put up with this every year. The worst part for him… I don’t let him buy off my list. I tell him if he pays close attention throughout the year, he will know what I want. I know, I’m terrible. But, I digress… this is a travel blog.  And this post is all about gift ideas inspired by my quest for thirty trips this year… ‘Joy Across The World’ if you will.

Matanzas Creek Winery

 Matanzas Creek Winery

This was hands down the winning winery of Trip #12. The Cabernet Sauvignon or the dessert wine make an excellent gift. But, you should really go ahead and get at least half a case. Then you get a percentage off, and you know how I love a discount. 

Give the Gift of Wonder


The online store is open!!!!!!!! I repeat the online store is open!!!!!! Never have I been so glad to have my credit card number committed to memory. I suggest the nesting bowls… they are bright, fun, and versatile.

Love in a Box

Goode Co. BBQ

You can order the sauce online (great stocking stuffer) or a pecan pie to bring for lunch.

The Handiwork of South African Artisans

The Akola Project

If you are searching for a gift that gives back, look no farther than the Akola Project. During my trip to South Africa I was able to see a glimpse of the incredible artistry of the continent. The Akola Project (based in Uganda) trains Akola women in bead making, facilitates their business on the ground, and creates designs that sell in US and Ugandan markets.

Danimal on the Edge

National Parks + Wildlife

Maybe your family + friends are mature enough to make donations in each other’s honor. If you fall into this category or are looking for end-of-year giving opportunities, please support our national (+ state) parks. Many are slated to close due to lack of funding. After visiting Cloudland Canyon, Yellowstone, + Grand Teton, I want to make sure others can enjoy the prettiest parts of the U.S. (And they are matching gifts until December 31!)


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