The Big D and Its Adorable Neighbor – Fort Worth

If you grow up in Houston, the rule is you hate Dallas. And if you grow up in Dallas, then by default you hate Houston. As a native Houstonian the Big D and I have always had a complicated relationship. That being said, it has grown on me as a city. And while it will never be Houston (many of you are thankful for that), it has some real perks. But, the city I really love is Dallas’ neighbor Fort Worth. Fort Worth oozes with charm and has a major downtown, yet  actually feels small town.

The Fort Worth Stock Yards

I made it to Dallas and Fort Worth this past June for a work trip, but also managed to fit in some serious baby kissing. (Said adorable babies + children are featured at the bottom of this post.) I landed at DFW and headed to FW for an evening with the Parsons and Cassie (you may remember her from Boston + New Orleans). The Parsons live near TCU so we normally go eat at one of the fun restaurants around Blue Bonnet Circle. I recommend the area for casual dining… especially after a TCU football or baseball game.

Delicious and Adorable

Cassie, the unofficial mayor of Forth Worth, picked me up and we headed to a mixed-use district called West 7th.  Now this place has all of the components needed for a great urban district… generous sidewalks and plazas, on-street parking, lush streetscape, and those adorable hanging lights. We ate at Fireside Pies. Delicious. For those keeping track this was my second dinner.  Forget ordering wine, the cocktails should not be missed.

I Hear the Train a Comin'

The next morning it was time for work so Cassie dropped me at the train station. Train Station? What? Yes, you read that correctly, there is a train station (that operates) in Texas. Actually there are many along the TRE line between Fort Worth and Dallas. For many Americans train travel is a foreign concept, but I highly recommend it… especially to avoid the absolutely mind-numbing traffic between these two cities during rush hour.

The Baby Train: Emmy, Elizabeth, Alex, and his baby sister, Hattie Beth (not pictured)

Once in Dallas it was time to work, work, work, but I managed to squeeze in quick and delicious lunch at La Duni on McKinney. I recommend the salad trio. And when you are finished be sure to head on over to Forty Five Ten. (Or grab food there as you shop.) Trust me when I say the Forty Five Ten does damage to your bank account… the most enjoyable kind.


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