A Texas Thanksgiving

To quote my all-time favorite BBQ restaurant, Goode Company,

Specht's Country Store in Bulverde, Texas

“You better give some serious thought to thanking your lucky stars that you are in Texas.”

And Texas remains at the top of my list of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. I spent the first twenty-three years of my life in Texas, and once a Texan… always a Texan. In celebration of my week here for Thanksgiving, the next several blog posts are devoted to our GREATEST state – The Lone Star State – TEXAS. Today I will start with my list of ‘best-of / favorite’ awards, clearly a very prestigious designation, and will keep the awards flowing all week.

The State Capital


Favorite City – Austin Austin is the state capital and, in my opinion, the coolest city in Texas. People who live there revel in the city’s trademark slogan, “Keep Austin Weird”. The city has an incredible music scene and plays host to SXSW each year. The proximity to great outdoor activities along with the food, shopping, and personality make this a must visit. I suggest staying at the Hotel San Jose if you head that way.

The Riverwalk

Runner Up – San Antonio The Riverwalk has its touristy annoyances, but it is still one of my favorite spots. Quality Mexican food, fabulous Hispanic culture, and I can’t leave out the Alamo.

Danimal Remembers the Alamo

BBQ:  disclaimer- as a Texas girl, brisket BBQ is my thang…

Favorite: Goode Co., in HoustonThis is my go-to BBQ each time I return.  I have ordered the same thing for over twenty years… chopped beef sandwich extra sauce, jambalaya rice on the side, and root beer. Others swear by the pecan pie, but I like nuts and dessert separate so I can’t validate their obsession

Chopped Beef Sandwich Por Favor

Runner Up – Hinze’s BBQLocated in Wharton, Hinze’s is the real deal with flavorful sauce.

Congratulations to our first round of ‘Thirty4Thirty‘ winners!



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