XOXO… Gossip Girl Here.

Spotted. HOK twins taking the Upper Eastside by storm. That’s right… Abbey (my work bestie) + I finally had our long awaited trip to New York. The theme of Day 1 – Living out our childhood dreams in THE City. Our first stop was Tiffany’s, of-course. I had no idea that the flagship store was six stories, but what I did expect, $1.5M engagement rings, were rampant. Miss Abbey walked away with a little blue box of her own.

The Little Blue Box Never Disappoints

Stop #2 – Ladurée… Now Ladurée is a Parisian institution. Trust me when I tell you they have the best macarons. Period.  If it wasn’t for the fabulous Callie Burnette, I would not have even known they had opened their first North American store.

People, it's all in the details...

We waited in line for an hour, half an hour outside, half an hour inside. As we stepped in the store, it felt like Paris. While the best part of the experience is the actual macarons (my personal favorites… Salted Caramel and Rose Petal), there is no detail left unnoticed. For example, you can’t shouldn’t buy just the macarons. You have to buy the silver-embellished box. Two please.  (Moment of growth #3 for the year… not eating ANY macarons until I was back in the ATL.)

Everybody is doin' it

From Laduree we walked a block back to Central Park and made our way to the ice rink. Ice skating was Abbey’s pick. I was excited, but nervous. I had never been ice skating outdoors, and had not been skating since middle school. I was 90% sure a broken arm was in my future. When we had discussed this before the trip, Abbey said she was a good skater. I was definitely going to be more confident with her by my side. (Just like Sophia Grace + Rosie) Turns out I maybe should have been a bit concerned.

Abbey: I’m a little nervous. I’m not very good at ice skating.

Me: WHAT! You said we were good and that we could couple skate?

I'm skating... I skate.

No broken bones, loads of fun, and I don’t remember the last time I felt this much like a kid. That being said, thirty minutes of ice skating have left my calves sore for three days. At least we looked the part.

Couples Skate

And all of this happened in just the first six hours of the trip. Danimal, why don’t we live here again? And really, if it is another accounting / financial reason, I’m going to cry. (Moment of growth #4 for the year… I only asked Danimal once over the course of the weekend to move to NYC.)



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2 responses to “XOXO… Gossip Girl Here.

  1. this post is so great!!! i LOL’d at least eight times OR SHOULD THAT BE NEUF…. 🙂 love the pictures and so glad you were able to hit up laduree! xo

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