Ode to Commander’s Palace

Just over a week ago I tasted the best dessert I have had. Ever. This post is really a love letter to Commander’s Palace for creating the world’s greatest bread pudding. Excuse me… soufflé. This is a bread pudding soufflé that is served with a warm whiskey cream sauce. (I told you it was the best dessert ever.)

What sin looks like...

The combination of flavors and taste sensations is sinfully good. I mean, CP itself says, “Go ahead be a little bad…  that’s what living in New Orleans is all about.” Preach  it! The soufflé is also the perfect end to the dining experience at CP. From the moment you arrive you are greeted to the point of annoyance and then doted on for the next several hours. (And, you all know how I love to be doted on.) I had the Turtle Soup followed by the Griddle Seared Gulf Fish… each flavored and cooked to perfection.

My life needs more turquoise restaurants

Dinner at CP was the unofficial kick-off to the wedding weekend of Haley and Brandon. (More on that in a later post…) The weekend was filled with good food and good friends, but no meal topped CP. It has actually replaced Galatoire’s as my favorite New Orleans’ restaurant. It also helps that it is located in one of the most historic and adorable parts of the city, the Garden District.

Danimal, Me, Momma Cass, Haley Bird, Pepper at the Rehearsal Dinner

In addition to the wedding weekend, Danimal and I were permitted to kidnap our adorable niece Annabelle for Friday afternoon. She was such a good baby as we forced her to adapt to our schedule (something actual parents would NEVER do) and drug her on a parade of cuteness through the French Quarter. 

Aunt Fun and Uncle Danimal

She is still not quite sure about us.



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4 responses to “Ode to Commander’s Palace

  1. commander’s palace is totally amazeballs…the turquoiseness, the FOOD, the locale…love it!!! and i have had that dessert and totally back you up 100% on it. it’s incredible!! p.s. cutest pic ever with annabelle…

  2. Seriously, that pic with Annabelle is ridiculous! And, those cheeks!

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