Chuck and Duck Sculpin, Royal Coachmen… Yep, We’re Fly Fishing!

Dan began stirring before dawn trying to decide which gear to bring. (He was ‘too excited to sleep’…)  The rest of us were dutifully ready by 8:00a.m. since we had been invited to join Dan on the ‘best day of his life’. Dan began fly fishing about six months ago and quickly fell in love. And now it was D-Day…  the day of our Montana adventure where we had hired two fly fishing guides to take us down the Madison River… and hopefully catch a copious amount of fish.

Doesn't 'fresh clover' really make that fish pop?

Some of my favorite memories growing up were fishing with my dad and in Cutler Bay with the Bonnots so I was excited and nervous to try fly fishing for the first time. The casting is very different and I wasn’t sure how I would do. I LOVED it! I still have a long way to go to improve my casting. Long way. But, thanks to our incredibly patient and hilarious guide, Jim Morrison, I made a lot of progress throughout the day.


Team Rob

Now Meg had NEVER been fishing before. Naturally she caught the very first fish of the day, a 16″ white. Meg, JRob, and their fearless guide, Braden Powell, managed to bring in nine fish for the day.

The happiest Danimal ever and Jim

The Madison River isn’t stocked which means all the fish are wild making them tougher to catch. This didn’t stop Dan. He caught the largest fish of the day, a 20″ Rainbow Trout.  (Told you it was the  best day of Dan’s life…) Jim + Braden (based in Ennis, Montana) were incredible guides. If you are headed to Montana, our group gives the two of them eight thumbs up. In total we caught 18 fish that day.

A better view of the prize

This post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning one of my favorite things about fly fishing… the names of the flies. Just to name a few… Woolly Buggers, Fly Formerly Known as Prince, Rojo Midge… I could go on and on.

Tying flies is an art

While the day was Dan’s, it was a great day for all of us. In addition to catching tons of fish, it was breathtaking to experience the Madison Valley from the water. When you head to Montana be sure to add this to the “to-do list”.  You know how we are a group that loves a good list.

Look no farther than your nearest Orvis for all of your fly fishing needs. Seriously, they have fantastic customer service, top of the line gear, and great dog beds (not that you need that for fly fishing).


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