Smells Like Geothermal Activity

I really think JRob summed it up perfectly when during our first day in Yellowstone he simply said, “Earth is cool”. The size, variety of landscape, and abundance of wildlife was overwhelming. It makes you feel like you are living an episode of National Geographic. In a nod to what formed the park (and makes it smell), today’s post is a salute to all things geyser. And no, Old Faithful isn’t the only one… there are roughly 10,000!

There She Blows

Everyone knows about Old Faithful. It is arguably the most well-known attraction of the park. We went preparing to be underwhelmed… I mean if everyone else likes it, why would we? How could we and all the people wearing wolf t-shirts think the same thing is cool? Turns out Old Faithful is not to be missed (and cool). The wildest part is they can predict when she will blow +/- 10 minutes, and when she spews it lasts anywhere from one to five minutes. 

The Solitary Geyser

Just up the hill from OF are a series of other geothermal wonders. Each is a different shape and some sort of wild color (especially in the sunlight), but they ALL smell like rotten eggs. Another rule we learned… NEVER touch geothermal areas. Not only is the water crazy hot, the sulfuric acid associated with it will burn you… it can eat through the soles of your shoes. 

Even acid can be pretty...

They really pop up out of nowhere, one minute you could be in a grove a trees and the next happen upon another geothermal zone that seems as if you have landed on Mars.

From the forest to Mars

Warning: There is a lot of Yellowstone coming your way in the next few days. I’m still pretty geeked out over this place.


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