There was an Earthquake. And now there is this AWESOME lake!

On Day 2 of ‘Atlanta Takes Over Montana’ we headed over to Quake Lake. Located in Madison County, the lake was formed in August of 1959 as a result of an earthquake that measured  7.5 on the Richter Scale.

Quake Lake

The quake killed 27 people who were camping at Hebegen Lake at the time. Today the lake is one of the most unique features of the Madison Valley. If you are driving from Big Sky or West Yellowstone to Ennis, one of the only ways to get there is to go past Quake Lake… and you really should. It is like no other lake I have seen. The old tree tops still reach above the lake. 

Fresh Clover made its first debute!

We happened upon Quake Lake because we were headed to Ennis for the day. I will definitely highlight the adorable little fishing town in a future post. But, before we get to that… a major red flag that we saw upon arrival.

Opposites Attract

A saloon that serves Chinese food just doesn’t seem right!


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