Bear Spray. Never leave home without it. Ever.

So, as it turns out, this safety from bears things is serious business up here in Montana. We woke up on our first morning and headed down to Zone 2 to pick up some trail maps and bear spray. We found the spray prominently displayed at the checkout, price tag $60. WHAT?? Maybe we should reconsider. The guy next to us said, “Don’t even think about it. You have to have this.” This was echoed by nearly ever single person in the store, whether they worked there or not. We dutifully purchased the bear spray (and some new, adorable, on-sale North Face hiking shoes for me), and were on our way.

Yep... bear spray comes with a chest harness

Dan decided he would wear the bear spray. Reading the directions and accompanying pamphlet had us all…

Some of the wildest and most concerning  bear stats / facts / use directives from the instructions:

  1. The spray has 5.4 seconds worth of bear spray.
  2. Bears can instantly reach speeds of 30 to 35 miles per hour in the matter of a split second, and can cover 50 yards in less than three seconds.
  3. Don’t spray the bear until it is 30 yards away. (Ummm… what!!! Especially when considering #1 and #2.)
  4. Practice, at least seven times going for your spray, or until you can reach it in a split second.

Seriously, this list could go on and on. Check out the UDAP website for more crazy facts and incredible bear survival story.

Beehive Basin Hike

We had originally planned to do a quick and easy .8 mile hike to a waterfall. Plans changed when our new friends at Gallatin Alpine Sports told us it was closed. They suggested Beehive Basin. The hike was incredible, but four times longer than expected. Hence the reason Meg and I were wearing jeans and casual (but cute) tops. Dan + Jonathan were naturally prepared as they couldn’t wait to wear their new gear… and they are guys. 

At the top of the basin

Day 1 – success…


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