Up In The Air.. Literally

Yep… right now I’m posting from 30,000 feet on our way to Bozeman via Minneapolis. (Thank you, GoGo wireless.) This just adds to the list of things that make me obsessed with air travel. Collecting miles being my most UNHEALTHY obsession with air travel. George Clooney’s movie was at times a painful look in the mirror. The panic that ensues if I might not make Gold Medallion status is embarrassing. (And yes, I realize this is NOT an actual problem.)

Posting in the Clouds

For example, last week on Sports Center they were talking about how the Oakland Raiders were going to log the most miles this NFL season… 29,000. My first thought… “That is barely Silver Medallion. The LOWEST level of status you can have on Delta.” See… I told you this is a problem.

This also becomes an issue when one person in your relationship has a higher level status. This  year  it’s Dan… he is upgraded on our next flight, but I’m not. Most couples would say, well I’m sure he’ll give that upgrade to you. Not this couple… if you earned the perk, you get to keep the perk. And, let’s be real, Dan puts up with enough of my crazy as is. I think I he should be able to enjoy first class in peace. (Full disclosure: I did request that Dan ask if I could be upgraded… He complied, Delta denied.)

Well, it looks like we are about to make our initial descent which means GoGo will disappear and the Robs will be picking us up shortly. They have already had their first wildlife encounter.

JRob's New Bestie


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  1. OMG! i *love* bozeman! cutest town ever. kind of obsessed with their “main drag” (if you can call it that) and this bakery shop called fancy flours. take a spin in there – you and your cupcake obsession? you’ll be a goner…have fun!!!! xo

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