When Danimals Attack

Seven days from now Danimal and I will be on a plane headed to Montana + Wyoming for a week’s worth of epic adventuring with Meg + Jonathan (aka The Robs)! I knew the trip was going to be awesome when this was the meal at our trip planning brunch.  JRob is quite the chef.

We had thirds...

Even before the brunch, Meg + I had begun fantasizing about all of the outfit possibilities. I mean this trip just screams riding boots, puffy vests, and plaid shirts. It was time to start shopping.

Me: I need to buy some plaid shirts.

Dan: No you don’t. Plaid is out of style.

Me: Plaid is timeless. Just ask Ralph Lauren.

Dan: Whatever.

Fresh Clover Vest... Check!

I would also like to take this opportunity to give a serious shout out to Land’s End. If it wasn’t for them (and their fab sale), Meg and I would have had nothing to wear buy for this trip. That ‘Fresh Clover Vest’ is a Land’s End staple. They also have customer service reps that answer after one ring. I was so unprepared for this quality of service, that I had taken a bite of food expecting it to be at least 10 minutes before I spoke to an  actual human. Bravo… Land’s End. Bravo.

What shade of beige pant were you looking for? We have 47.

Given that we will be fly-fishing and hiking for several days, we all came to the same conclusion. Zip-off pants. REI here we come. REI is another outdoor clothing and gear wonderland. If any pair of zip-off pants (anywhere) were actually flattering, that is the only way the shopping excursion could have improved. Again… A+ customer service. Maybe I have just been shopping at the wrong stores.

Bear 101... Thanks, Natalie Dee!

The one thing I didn’t get at REI that I wanted was a back pack. Dan still doesn’t think I need one… see an earlier conversation below. (Don’t worry, I WILL be bringing a back pack.)  The following conversation ensued when Dan and I were discussing what we needed to buy for the trip:

Me: I need to buy a backpack for this trip.

Dan: Why do you need a backpack?

Me: For my camera, snacks, candy, and bear spray.

Dan: Why do you need bear spray?

Me: Because I’m pretty sure I’m the slowest person in the group.

Bears have manners...

Assuming I don’t actually get eaten by a bear, I will be blogging throughout. I hope Yellowstone is ready for us.


Photo Credits: Land’s End and Natalie Dee.


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