Ess Eee See (SEC… duh)

No, this post is not about A&M’s eminent arrival to the SEC. (Ladies, I’m talking college football…) That being said, I am beyond excited about being a member of the most competitive conference in college football. Now if Baylor could just ‘man up’ and accept it, we would be on our way. I loved Pat Forde’s article this week about the hoopla. Technically, I married into the SEC. Dan (and his family) are RABID Auburn fans. And, as luck would have it, I have been working on a project at the university for the last five years.

Jordan Hare Stadium, with the NEW National Championship banner

We are days away from completing the final phase of the Shelby Center for Engineering. I have made roughly six trips to Auburn (or as the Chandlers would say ‘God’s Country’) this year to check on progress.

Under Construction

The final phase of the new engineering complex will connect the previously completed first phase to the rest of the campus. Ain’t it purty!

Shelby Center for Engineering

Of course we also head over to Auburn for my favorite thing about fall… college football. I will be so glad when my Ags play closer to the ATL. Although, I am not confident watching A&M play Auburn at Jordan Hare stadium is going to be great for my marriage.

War Eagle!


Photo Credit of Phase 1: HOK


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