I Hate Irene

I hate Irene… not like New England and the Outer Banks hate Irene, but I still hate her. One week ago she ruined Trip #22. Dan, myself, and his ENTIRE family had planned to meet up for the baptism of our absolutely brilliant and beautiful niece, Annabelle.

Annabelle Salaun Chandler

But, Hurricane Irene had other plans. Apparently she thought she was invited… she was NOT. We waited all last week hopeful that she would make a wide right and the weekend would be saved, but alas, no such luck. This meant it was time to sit on hold with the airlines. So, I now share with you my tips for rebooking airline tickets. If you ever find yourself in this situation, you will be very frustrated… it is best that I show you another picture of Annabelle now. (Her cuteness will help you cope.)

Annabelle + her 1/2 Birthday flowers from her daddy... yes, I support 1/2 birthdays

How to Rebook a Flight:

  1. Have all of your flight information with you… confirmation number, flight number, time, etc.
  2. Have the credit card you booked with near by. (Or, like yours truly, just have that number memorized.)
  3. Be prepared to wait on hold for up to two hours. If you are medallion status, this normally is significantly less time… 15 minutes or less.
  4. Remember the person’s name you are speaking with and use it repeatedly.
  5. Repeat back what they are saying to you. This way when they tell you something ridiculous, they can hear how ridiculous it sounds as well.
  6. Remain calm. This is nearly impossible for me to do… Dan and my co-workers can confirm this. I usually end up angry crying or hanging up. This gets you nowhere. I try to remember this.
  7. Ask about a refund. If your flight is cancelled because of a hurricane, you are entitled to a full refund. If you are flying to or from the area likely to be hit within a few days of the hurricane, you normally can get a refund as well… even if it isn’t cancelled.
  8. Take advantage of no change fees.They usually give a one time ticket change with no fee as well in this situation. And for those who have had to rebook with a fee, you know this is steep… normally $150.  But, you must rebook by a certain date to not have the fee. This time frame is normally two days after the hurricane. It is easiest to have your new travel dates and flight numbers ready to go during this call.
  9. The only thing to fight in this situation is the change fee. If they try to make you pay one, ask to speak to a supervisor. (Yes, this means more holding.) If they say they don’t have supervisor, DON’T say… “I didn’t realize you were the CEO of ‘insert airline name here'”. Trust me, this also will get you nowhere.

And because I can’t help myself… one last picture of Annabelle.

Future Swimmer


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