Back Bay Bachelorette

Turns out the best way to travel with a fascinator is to put it in a Target bag. (Another quill in the Target quiver…) And the best place for a bachelorette to wear one is Lolita’s Cocina + Tequila Bar. Located in the Back Bay, I would describe this place as Scarface meets Goth Chic. It also revealed a surprise of the trip… in Boston there is more Sangria than water.

Me, Haley, and Cass at Lolita's

The meal highlight for me though was dessert… sour apple cotton candy with watermelon Pop Rocks. Done.

I need more of this in my life...

We went back to the Back Bay on Saturday for a day of shopping and strolling on my new favorite street… Newbury Street. The sidewalks are generous, the outdoor patios are full, and the shops are a mix of stores you know and unique boutiques.

Newbury Street

My favorite shop of the day… Pinky Otto.  I initially was creeped out by the teddy bear heads on the mannequins, but inside, one-of-a-kind dresses in perfectly vintage patterns.

This is NOT Build-a-Bear

When we weren’t in the Back Bay, I felt like I was in a Ben Affleck or Mark Wahlberg movie. Haley + Brandon own an adorable condo in Southie… the location for movies like The Town, Mystic River, and The Fighter.

The Flower Shop in the Town

The last day we went Ivy League and headed down to Harvard Square. Cass an I played the part, but Haley is the real deal… she moved to Bawstin originally to get her masters at MIT.

THE Three at Upstairs on the Square

Counting the days until October 15, for us to be together again…


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