Have Fascinator Will Travel

Warning: Haley Heard is NOT to read this post until 2:00pm EDT, August 19th, 2011

Some would say that I looked forward to the royal wedding. I won’t deny it. In fact, my HOK bestie, Abbey Roberson, and I had planned to travel to London for the big event. (We hadn’t traveled to London together since 2006, and were ready to show our favorite pub, the George, how much we had matured.) For some reason the Cambridges neglected to check my calendar when picking the big date. I had a commitment that I could not get out of… Abbey graciously agreed to fly to Atlanta so we could at least watch the big day together on TV.

Wills + Kate

Wills + Kate

Not being in London was not going to stop us from acting like we were there. The night before the big day we made fascinators for the occasion.

The Final Fascinator Product

Never did I imagine that I would be making a fascinator again, but tomorrow I head to Boston for Haley’s bachelorette. What better accessory to let people know she is the bride to be than a hand-crafted fascinator. Now for the dilemma… how in the ‘bleep’ am I supposed to travel with this thing? I can’t check it. I don’t know that I can put it in a bag at all. It will likely need to sit in my lap. If I was a proper Brit, I’m sure I’d have a hat box for just this reason.

Haley's Celebratory Headpiece

I will  lend my expert fascinator packing advice when I return. What can I say, I like to share practical travel tips…

Photo credit: Pic of Wills + Kate from The Sun


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