What A Difference A Week Makes. Sort of…

It is hard to believe that a month ago, I was in the middle of the crazy speaking gig on the other side of the ocean. When I boarded the plane in Dubai to return, I was pretty confident I was leaving behind 110 degree weather (with the bonus of humidity), the dodging of poisonous snakes, and the exploring of beautiful nature reserves.

Me + The Snapping Turtle... do NOT pet!

Turns out last Tuesday, all of these elements returned in full force during a trip through the Tupelo Swamp of Montgomery, Alabama. This time instead of being covered for cultural purposes, I was in hip waders to navigate through the muddy swamps. Instead of looking out for black mambas, I was side-by-side with water moccasins. (I should mention that I HATE snakes… even more than condiments.) And, instead of a tropical rainforest, the Tupelo swamp was a gorgeous mix of trees and vegetation that grows in the Black Belt of Alabama.

We look as good as we smell.

Cypress Nature Park is a unique new park that we are working on that will turn this 247 acre swamp + nature preserve into a nature park for the City of Montgomery. The wildest part about it is that we are roughly half a mile from the heart of downtown. During this whole excursion my iPhone worked the entire time; yet, you feel like you are a world away.

In the heart of the swamp

You also have to challenge what you think of when you define park for yourself… we aren’t talking about ball fields and playgrounds. We are talking about an education center and preserved natural habitat with trails traversing it. Basically, gorgeous.


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  1. Lee

    We have a national park (congaree) that has Cyprus trees. It’s beautiful! Walking trails and a nature center! It’s awesome aside from the humidity.

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