The Tatas Take West Palm

The last several posts have been about the glory of travel, but today’s is about basking in the glow of vacation. The Tatas (group nickname coined on our final Spring Break to Acapulco) are my wonderful girlfriends from college, and this time we took over the Four Seasons in Palm Beach. The occasion… to start our third decade off right. The trip was originally supposed to take place in Puerto Rick this past January, but queue freak snow storm in Texas that canceled 90% of the tatas flights. So, Take 2… June… West Palm Beach.

West Palm Beach

When looking to do absolutely nothing for yourself on vacation, run… don’t walk… to the nearest Four Seasons. And, most importantly, make sure Jason is working so he can bring you blackberry mojitos. All.After.Noon.

All in a days work...

The days consisted of making very important decisions such as what time to move from the beach to the pool and how often to flip. We have clearly matured since Acapulco though… all but one of us now wears double-digit SPF… high double-digit SPF.

We can even still do the sorority photo pose. Please note my general excitement about being on the back row of this photo.

The last night of our trip we ate at my favorite restaurant for all of 2011 so far, Buccan. It is in the adorable (and crazy fancy) portion of Palm Beach down the street from Saks, Neiman’s, and every other expensive store you have ever heard about. The menu changes weekly so I can’t make any recommendations there, but I will say they have an extensive wine list and the tea cocktail is a must order.

Four Seasons = Glorious

This trip made me wish that everyone could have a group of girlfriends like the tatas. You know… people who know so much about you that they could destroy you, but choose to love you instead. This trip also taught me that EVERYONE who has an iPhone needs to have the prank dial app. Talk about a game changer.



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2 responses to “The Tatas Take West Palm

  1. Susie Hale

    I’d also like to report that I think my SPF is high enough to count as double-digit SPF of myself and others.

    Megs, this blog is awesome. Keep on adventuring! xoxo

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