Tastes of the Trip

I’ll admit it… I’m a foodie. While I have some specific dislikes (ALL condiments and formerly olives), a great meal with friends is just one of my favorite things. And while traveling, it one the best ways to experience culture. So, on that note, the meals of the adventure through South Africa – Mauritius – Dubai.

Traditional South African Meal

On the day we toured Soweto our driver, Howard, took us for a delicious + traditional South African meal at Sakhumzi Soweto down the street from Mandela’s house. The meal included sweetcorn stuffed squash, boerewors (lamp + beef sausage), lamb tripe (stomach lining), and a variety of beans and greens. In this case, I can’t pick one favorite, but I can pick two… the stuffed squash + boerwors had great flavoring that left me wanting seconds.

Oysters + Carpaccio

We stayed in Sandton during our time in Jo’burg. Sandton is a commercial center in the city with quite the variety of food options. We had oysters, carpaccio, sushi, steak, + pap. Pap? Pap is similar to grits, but blander and requires different sauces. My favorite sauce was the tomato based one. 

Thai Chicken Curry

As good as those other meals were, there was really no contest for our favorite meal in Sandton. Colin + I ordered the same thing and both LOVED it. At Cafe Maude we devoured the Thai Chicken Curry… everything from the seasoning to the portion size to the presentation gets an A+.

Beach BBQ

Our glorious day on Ilot Gabriel included a beach BBQ. Mauritius is heavily influenced by Indian + French cultures. This resulted in an interesting combination of spices in the BBQ sauce… really the perfect amount of hot + sweet.

Goat Cheese + Honey

 It is no secret that goat cheese is my absolute weakness. If an item on the menu incorporates goat cheese, there is a 99% chance I WILL order it. This was true during our last meal in Mauritius. Hans + Gaelle took us to a charming pizza place called Casa Pizza. (Another travel tip, have a local pick your restaurants. It will never disappoint.) The pizza I ordered had goat cheese, but the addition of honey added another layer of flavor. I will be repeating this taste combo at home.

A Middle Eastern Feast

Growing up one my friend Latifah’s dad always fixed Middle Eastern food for us. This made Colin + my meal at Al Makan in Jumeirah feel like home. Instead of getting entrees we ordered a series of appetizers and had a feast for two. This may have been my favorite meal of the trip with Batata Al Makan being the best dish.

This food post is making me hungry and anxious for my trip this next weekend to Charleston… a Mekka for southern gourmet cuisine!



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  1. um….my mouth is watering. tell me how to replicate that goat cheese + honey pizza – i need that in my life and so do my thighs. YUM!

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