The Ugly Truth of Travel

This trip to South Africa – Mauritius – Dubai was one for the record books. It was as an incredible travel experience that I would do all over again the exact same way. However, no trip ever goes exactly as planned. So in an effort of full disclosure, I present the not so glamorous tales from this tour on the other side of the globe. These are ranked in no particular order, some are clearly less ugly… and the most upsetting one is obvious.

Could have used a brush here...

Hair Brush – I forgot to drop mine in my bag as I walked out of the house. No matter where we went on the trip I could not find a store that sold hair brushes. The result… I didn’t brush my hair until the last 5 hours of the trip when Marc lent me one. Colin said he couldn’t tell the difference. I tried to remind Colin he had never actually seen me with brushed hair.

Beautiful resort, but off the grid...

Internet – I definitely took for granted how readily available and close-to-free all internet access seems to be in the States, Hong Kong, + Europe. This is not the case in Africa, especially in Mauritius. There was no type of internet access available in hotel rooms at our resort. So Colin + I sat in the hotel lobby until 2am one night and 4am the next in order to complete the presentation.

In-Flight Movies – One of the only silver linings of long flights are the endless movie options. By the end of all of these flights, I had seen pretty much all of them. Including Justin Bieber: Never Say Never… and the worst part is, I liked it and even got a bit teary eyed.

Our very own Captain Ron

Captain Ron – While on Ilot Gabriel, life in that moment was close to perfect (just needed Dan + the fur kids). The weather was far from that for the last 30 – 40 minutes of the catamaran ride back to the main island. The skies opened up and it stormed for the remainder of the excursion as we all huddled together to stay warm.

Winner of best flight attendant costumes... Emirates Air

Luggage – Flying Emirates Air was dreamy. I swear their coach service is better than any I have received in Delta First Class. I would fly them again in a second. However, they have a pretty strict one carry-on rule in coach. From Houston to Dubai this was a non-issue. From Dubai to Johannesburg, they had to check my bag once I was already on board. I get to the hotel in Jo’burg only to find that some of my jewelry was stolen. Some cheap gold hoop earrings + gold tree necklace that I liked, but are replaceable. My new gold “Dan bracelets” that I got in Palm Beach which mean something to me, but again… replaceable. A gold necklace that I wear often and was my grandmother’s… not replaceable, and in my mind priceless.

In spite of all the misadventures, I would be back on a plane tomorrow morning if the opportunity presented itself. I’m already itching to explore somewhere new.


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