You Think You’re Hot

Even though I was on the other side of the globe, news trickled in about the crazy heat wave going on in the states. The good news for me was that the last stop in our journey was to Dubai making the return to America feel like a cool front. I grew up in Houston (the capital of hot + humid), but even I wasn’t ready for insanely wet heat of “Doo-bai”. The average temperature hovered around 108. And sadly, that was not even the ‘feels like’ temp.

Exploring Jumeirah

Not only is it the hottest place, well… ever, but as a gal visiting the region… I have to be covered. Curse. Once I got past the heat + wastefulness, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by Dubai. The first day we explored a development called Jumeirah… it is a mixed-use development that also has a luxury hotel. (Luxury, yes please!) The quality of the design and the craftsmanship were A+.

The Gold Souk

After our presentations, the next day we went old school + headed to the traditional Souk (market) of Dubai. We started at the Gold Souk where there is literally shop after shop and street after street of all out bling. Much to Dan’s relief, we made no stops in this souk.

Riding the Water Taxi

From there we hopped on the water taxi (literally 30 cents per person) and rode across Dubai Creek to the Old Souk. Let me tell you, my love for the Old Souk knows no bounds. I could have stayed there for hours and purchased almost everything in sight… I settled for purchasing half of everything in sight.

Shoes, Shoes, + Shoes

Colin got to witness my supreme negotiating skills in the souk. All I can say is that my mom would have been so proud… well, Mom and the Heard ladies. I will be sporting two new pashminas, shirts, and shoes courtesy of this excursion. 

Rob, Colin, + I

The culmination of the night ended up being the perfect end to our two-week journey. One of our global practice leaders, Rob, lives in Dubai. He + Marc took Colin + I out for a celebration dinner… and shisha… and cocktails. Nothing compares to experiencing a city with those who live there.  Rob + Marc = Best Hospitality… the night left me looking forward to my next trip to Dubai.



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3 responses to “You Think You’re Hot

  1. Haley

    I am very proud (tear)…and I hope I get a little gift from the exotic when I see you 🙂

    Kisses, B

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