A Friend for Sonny + Stella

Sonny + Stella, look what Mummy found for you in South Africa! On our way to Cradle of Humankind we made a quick stop to play with baby lions. Disclaimer: This post will be low on text, but high on adorable.


I mean their little faces… they were so playful and cuddly.

Lion Love

That being said, the size of their paws and power of their jaws reminds you that they will grow into these absolutely magnificent trained killers.  I, personally, don’t see how living with a trained killer could be any more annoying than Stella peeing in her bed and then sleeping in it. (Stella, please stop doing this by the time I return home.)

Colin with the baby

In spite of my utter obsession with these little guys, I decided to let Colin have a turn petting them.

(No, this was not part of a safari. We tried to swing this with our presentation schedule, but it didn’t pan out. Plus, I really need to wait and go on safari when the Danimal can go with me.)

Up next, a little slice of heaven… aka MAURITIUS!!!!


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